Peter Rowan: No Woman No Cry

Say, Say,
Say I remember when we used to sit
In a government yard in Trenchtown
Observing the hypocrites
As they would mingle with the good people we meet
Good friends we have
Oh, good friends we have lost
Along the way
In this great future,
You can’t forget your past
So dry your eyes, I say

No woman no cry
No woman no cry
Dry you eyes ann say
No woman no cry

Said I remember when we use to sit
In the music grove in Nashville town
And maarke would make the fire light
the fidle was blazing through the night
Then we would cook cornmeal porridge
Of which I’ll share with you
My feet is my only carriage
And so I’ve got to push on through,
Oh, while I’m gone

Everything ‘s gonna be alright
Everything ‘s gonna be alright

No woman no cry
No woman no cry

Woman and sister
Dry your eyes and say
No woman no cry